Triminator Wet

Industrial speed and production for large scale grows. Speed and efficiency are built into every aspect of the Triminator Wet. From its massive size, to the innovative Resin Repel system, it is built from the ground up to process more material in less time than any other trimmer on the market. Triminator Wet features the industry’s biggest drum making it two times faster than the competition and capable of trimming up to 200 pounds a day. The patented Resin Repel System™ automatically mists the drum with pure atomized water repel buildup and maximize production by eliminating cleaning stops. Triminator’s Trim Logic™ technology allow the drum and cutting reel to come within .0025” of one another creating hand trim quality at mechanical speeds. The large stainless steel in-feed tray ensures that your machine is constantly being fed. Use a power washer for effortless cleanup.