Toker Supply Barrel Perc Dual Chamber Incycler

This barrel perc dual incycler works great for your concentrates as well as dry herbs. The 90 degree 14mm male joint is reinforced with a Dewar's Joint. When you start smoking your smoke or vapor first entered the main chamber to be diffused and filtered by the barrel perc. The barrel perc has tons of slits that produce great diffusion to cool down your smoke. After that the smoke and water travels up the dual incycler tubes and is spun around in the second chamber for more diffusion. The water continuously loops to ensure you never get a harsh hit. Finally the smoke or vapor travels through the angled neck to the thick mouthpiece. The wide mouthpiece creates an airtight seal around your lips and the angled neck helps to keep water from ever entering your mouth. This water pipe sits on a 4.5" wide base for sturdy rips.