The FIOS Green Box

The FIOS Green Box is a seed germination box which is claimed to elicit ancient genetics. It is not yet known if any cannabis genetics experts are experimenting with this new technology to create novel strains of cannabis - but we believe that they should be. Results are NOT guaranteed; this remains an experimental technology, and anybody attempting to utilize this new tool should be prepared to read and understand technical papers. The device itself is relatively simple if you understand how to work with electronics, and for those who feel confident in their circuitry skills, you may opt to build your own electrostatic germination chamber. Browser-translated from German: "Seed from the E-field yields more yield than modern seed varieties and still does not need more fertilizer, and helps to dispense with [the majority of pesticides]. In addition, we maintain the genetic integrity, since no genetic manipulation is made. It can be used by anyone at a minimum cost ... We also like to recommend the [German] book Der Urzeit-Code by Luc B├╝rgin ... which describes the history of research on the behavior of biological organisms under the influence of a static electro field." (Note that there is no English translation of this book at this time, and automated translator tools like Google Translate will produce marginal results. To read this book, you will need access to somebody who can read German.)