SToK Edition One Vaporizer

The SToK Edition One Vaporizer was created by the geniuses at #ThisThingRips to be a discreet, compact pen-style vaporizer with an incredible heating system to deliver huge dab like rips in the palm of your hand. The heating atomizer includes two dual ceramic rods wrapped in Titanium coils for incredible flavor and vapor production from your waxes and oils. The SToK Edition 1 is capable of producing dab rig like rips without the hassle of heating a nail with a torch. The smart battery allows you to set your preferred temperature once and it will always remember it! You can choose between three different heat settings that are optimized to vaporize your waxes at the perfect temperatures. #ThisThingRips has a solid reputation for creating high quality and powerful wax pens and this Edition One is the best one yet.