Galaxy Vaporizer - Tornado Edition

The Kandy Pens Galaxy Tornado Edition Vape Pen is one of Kandy Pens newest additions. This wax pen utilizes an adjustable airflow system to regulate the air intake so you can customize your vaping experience for more or less vapor. The Kandy Pen Galaxy also uses a temperature controlled battery allowing you to switch between three different temps (350°, 390° and 430°F). The combination of airflow and temperature control allows you to get the most from your concentrates in terms of potency and flavor. With this wax pen, you will never have to worry about clogged or leaking atomizer again. The newly adjustable airflow ensures that every last bit of your wax is vaporized and nothing is wasted. The carb hole on the mouthpiece even lets you control just how much vapor is produced for bigger or smaller vapor clouds. This wax vape pen is made using high-qualityy materials and a dual crystal quartz atomizer with titanium coils for the absolute best flavor possible.