POUNDS Mothership

The Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership is the largest piece in the Pounds Glass Line standing at 13" inches tall which is why it's called the Mothership. This piece features a combination of two unique percolators to provide you with super smooth and cooled down smoke sessions. In the bottom chamber sits an inline barrel perc that contains dozens of small slits for an insane amount of diffusion. After clearing the bottom chamber your smoke passes up through the double domed UFO perc for a final round of filtration before passing up to your lungs. The battleship has a classic straight tube design with a super thick base to ensure this monster of a piece never knocks over. The sheer height of this piece allows your smoke to pass through more water to cool it down as much as possible. This pieces feature a 14mm female joint and comes standard with a flower bowl, quartz banger and oil dome/nail. Just like all of the piece in this collection, the water pipe and accessories come packaged in a beautiful case.