POUNDS Battleship

The Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship water pipe is one of the five pieces in the Pounds collections. Standing at 12.5" inches tall this piece packs a huge punch. Starting at the bottom of this piece is a super thick base that you see on all the snoop dogg pieces. Moving into the main chamber there is a turbine perc that will spin your smoke and water helping to cool it down. Your smoke than passes through the honeycomb percolator for another round of diffusion and finally through the top turbine perc for one last round of smoke cooling. Turbine percs not only function really well but they are mesmerizing to watch because they spin your smoke like a tornado. The Battleship Bong by Snoop Dogg Pounds is made with 5mm thick borosilicate glass to ensure this piece lasts you a life time. It features a sidecar bent neck to prevent splash back and a 14mm male joint that fits the included nail and dome, flower bowl and quartz banger nail. This piece comes with everything you need to smoke concentrates or dry herbs and it is all packaged neatly in a beautiful case. The Battleship is available in several different colors.