The Rocktapus Slitted Rocketship Dab Rig

Bring your smoking experience to new heights with DankStop's "Rocktapus"! This 15" dab rig takes you on a fantastic voyage, starting with the 18mm male joint and then into the first chamber with its unique rocketship perc. The rocketship perc's slitted arms filter the smoke before it travels up through your oil rig via eight black glass separation tubes. These tubes not only guide the smoke to the top chamber, they also give the Rocktapus it's signature look. The top chamber's cross perc gives your smoke its final filtering before it reaches your mouth at the dab rig's comfortable flared mouthpiece. The scientific glass construction of the dab rig with its 4.5" diameter sturdy base and thick borosilicate glass body ensures your product is built to last. Your trips will never fail due to broken equipment! Select the appropriate option above to use this dab rig for legal oils and concentrates (dome and nail), dry herbs and tobacco (female bowl), or both.