Pillar Tree Perc to Stereo Perc Bent Neck Bong

This gigantic scientific glass water pipe features an intense dual percolation system that creates flawless hits upon every use. Standing at 14.5" tall, this glass pipe features clear glass throughout, a 90˚ 18mm female joint, a dewar's joint, and a tube design with 3 distinct chambers stacked on top of each other. The bottom section holds the gridded stereo perc, which contains many slits for filtration of your smoke. The middle area is the largest chamber and houses an elongated pillar tree perc that spans its entire height. The tree perc has 8 long arms that connect to the stereo perc to continue the amazing distillation process. The rounded top of the tree perc leads into the top chamber, which acts as a gateway to the bent neck and the flared mouthpiece. The bent neck provides comfortability and prevents splashback, while the flared mouthpiece provides an airtight seal for your mouth. From the circular flared base to the mouthpiece, this tobacco bong is constructed from thick glass. Select the appropriate option above to use this water pipe for dry herbs and tobacco, legal concentrates, or both.