Cross to Ball Perc Straight Tube Bong

This straight tube water bong showcases colored glass accents throughout, while maintaining optimal function through its dual perc design. Starting at the 18mm male bowl, your smoke travels through the 90˚ 18mm female joint that is supported by a Dewar's joint. Smoke enters the bottom chamber, which holds a 5 point cross perc that has slits on each point to begin the diffusion process of your smoke. After being cleansed by the cross perc, your smoke travels upwards into the larger chamber. In the larger chamber is a ball perc, which is a rounded sphere with angled slits covering it. As your smoke passes through these slits, the final steps of the filtration process occur. The smoke then goes upwards through the straight neck and out of the flared mouthpiece, allowing you to inhale smoke that is both tasty and filtered. This straight tube's colored glass accents can be found on the mouthpiece, the lip of the sturdy concave base, on both percs, and on the included male bowl.