12" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong

Similar to its slightly smaller brother, the 10" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong, this water pipe has a truly unique design that actually serves a purpose, besides looking awesome. The 12" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong has one more spike in its neck than his counterpart, bringing the grand total to three. Each of these jettisoning pieces of thick glass works as a splashguard. While the bong stands at about twelve inches tall, the bent neck keeps the water even further away from your mouth. If you manage to get water in your mouth while inhaling from this bong then you have filled it up WAY too much. One spike goes left, another goes right, and the last one points toward you, creating somewhat of a handle. While the neck and mouthpiece, which is flared for an airtight seal, is made entirely of clear glass, the bubble base is fumed with raked colors forming a wave-like pattern.